Smoking in a Nonsmoking World and Other Smoking Related Topics
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Smoking in a Nonsmoking World and Other Smoking Related Topics

Over the last twenty years or so, a lot of smoking bans have been passed. In many places, there isn't a single bar or restaurant where you can light up. That can make it challenging if you like to enjoy a cigarette once in a while. To help you figure out smoking in a nonsmoking world, I am going to write several blogs on that topic. For example, i'm not old enough to remember when smoking was allowed on planes, but I'm old enough to hate the delay between when the plane lands and how long it takes to get outside. As a business traveler, I've found that a stick of nicotine gum can help. I'm also going to write about smoking alternatives like vaping. I hope you like these posts -- happy smoking.


Smoking in a Nonsmoking World and Other Smoking Related Topics

3 Gift Ideas For A Cigar Enthusiast

Kenzi Flores

Buying a gift for a cigar enthusiast can be extremely difficult, especially if you aren't a fan of cigars yourself or have little to no experience with cigars. Listed below are three gift ideas that are ideal for any cigar enthusiast in order to make it a bit easier for you to pick out an appropriate gift for the cigar fan in your life.

Cigar Boxes

One of the best gift ideas that you can consider for a cigar enthusiast is a cigar box, which is often a handcrafted box filled with premium cigars. In many cases, the handcrafted box is worth saving and putting on display due to the sheer amount of craftsmanship that went into some of the boxes, and some of the boxes are actually considered to be collectibles. In addition, some cigar boxes also come with accessories that can be used with the cigars, such as a really nice lighter or a cigar cutter.

Cigar Bundles

Another gift idea to consider for a cigar enthusiast is a cigar bundle. Cigar bundles differ from cigar boxes in that they are not actually going to be stored in a nice handcrafted box; they are instead going to typically be wrapped in plastic.

While this does not have the immediate visual impact that a cigar box does, it does allow you to provide far more cigars to the cigar enthusiast in your life for the same price as you would spend on a cigar box; cigar bundles tend to be a small fraction of the price of cigar boxes, mostly due to the simple packaging. In addition, you can often find premium cigar bundles that will have cigars that are of the same quality as those that you will find in cigar boxes, so you don't really have to worry about potentially giving a loved one or family member that is a cigar enthusiast an inferior product. Contact a company like Blue Mountain Cigars to learn more.

Cigar Club Membership

Finally, a good gift option to consider for cigar enthusiast is a club membership. Many club memberships will provide a cigar enthusiast with a wide variety of carefully selected cigars every month, which is a great way for a fan of cigars to actually experiment with different types of cigars that they may not have access to or be able to buy in their local area. In addition, if the cigar enthusiast wishes to buy more cigars, a club membership will often allow the owner of the membership to purchase more cigars or accessories from the club's website at a substantial discount.

Drop by a smoke shop or go to a cigar dealer's website today in order to look at the various gift ideas that would be a good option for a cigar enthusiast. Cigar boxes, cigar bundles, and a cigar club membership are all great options to consider when looking for a gift idea for a cigar enthusiast.