Smoking in a Nonsmoking World and Other Smoking Related Topics
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Smoking in a Nonsmoking World and Other Smoking Related Topics

Over the last twenty years or so, a lot of smoking bans have been passed. In many places, there isn't a single bar or restaurant where you can light up. That can make it challenging if you like to enjoy a cigarette once in a while. To help you figure out smoking in a nonsmoking world, I am going to write several blogs on that topic. For example, i'm not old enough to remember when smoking was allowed on planes, but I'm old enough to hate the delay between when the plane lands and how long it takes to get outside. As a business traveler, I've found that a stick of nicotine gum can help. I'm also going to write about smoking alternatives like vaping. I hope you like these posts -- happy smoking.


Smoking in a Nonsmoking World and Other Smoking Related Topics

Making Your Next Smoke Shop Visit Awesome

Kenzi Flores

Not every smoke shop visit needs to be an epic experience. Sometimes, you may just want to walk into the store, buy what you need, and go home. But what if you do want a particular trip to the smoke shop to be memorable? Here are some tips and tricks that can help make it just that.

Bring along a smoker friend.

Have you ever noticed that shopping, in general, is more fun with a friend? This is as true of visiting a smoke shop as it is of visiting any other store. Ask around your friend group, and see who is also interested in visiting a smoke shop. Bring a friend or two along with you and you should have a fun day. You can pull products off the shelf together, chat about them, and discuss your favorites. If you're an experienced smoker, bringing a friend who is newer to smoking can be a fun option. You'll enjoy explaining things to them, and they'll enjoy learning something new.

Look up some products beforehand.

Before you leave for the smoke shop, look up some of the products they are selling. What do reviewers say about those products? What questions can you think of in relation to those products? When you arrive at the smoke shop and see the products in person, they'll be more familiar. You'll have better questions in mind to ask the smoke shop employees, and you'll have a better idea of which products you may be interested in buying.

Save up an extra budget.

If possible, try to find some ways to set extra money aside in the weeks leading up to your smoke shop visit. Even if you can only save $20 extra dollars, this is an extra product or two that you can treat yourself to. Cut something else out of your budget, or do a little extra work for more cash. Shopping specifically for something special can make the visit more memorable. You can also have fun considering all of your options and trying to get the best value for that money. Maybe you can buy a special cigar you've always dreamed of trying, or a new vape cartridge you would have otherwise deemed too expensive.

Visiting a smoke shop can be an incredible experience, especially if you make it your goal to do so. Find a new and interesting smoke shop that you're excited to visit, then make some plans. As long as you adhere to the tips above, you should be in a good position for a lovely shopping experience.