Smoking in a Nonsmoking World and Other Smoking Related Topics
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Smoking in a Nonsmoking World and Other Smoking Related Topics

Over the last twenty years or so, a lot of smoking bans have been passed. In many places, there isn't a single bar or restaurant where you can light up. That can make it challenging if you like to enjoy a cigarette once in a while. To help you figure out smoking in a nonsmoking world, I am going to write several blogs on that topic. For example, i'm not old enough to remember when smoking was allowed on planes, but I'm old enough to hate the delay between when the plane lands and how long it takes to get outside. As a business traveler, I've found that a stick of nicotine gum can help. I'm also going to write about smoking alternatives like vaping. I hope you like these posts -- happy smoking.


Smoking in a Nonsmoking World and Other Smoking Related Topics

What To Look For In Quality Tobacco

Kenzi Flores

If you smoke or chew tobacco, you know that there is a big difference between quality tobacco and tobacco that is flat, musty, or otherwise difficult to enjoy. There are several styles of tobacco to enjoy for your hookah, cigar, or paper rolling experience, and you want to know how to pick quality tobacco, like Al Fakher tobacco. This is especially the case if you're having a hookah experience where flavor and quality can be especially important.

Here is a guide to help you pick the best quality tobacco on the market. Choosing great tobacco allows you to get the most out of your experience by helping you narrow down your options and spend your money more wisely.

Flavor options

Classic tobacco usually comes in mild to strong flavors and menthol tobacco is a choice as well. After that, novelty tobacco flavors can be more difficult to come by. When smoking a hookah, flavors matter and you want to choose a brand that carries several unique flavors like apple, chai, and other recognizable flavors.

Depending on where you live and how you're buying your flavored tobacco, options may be limited. This can be the case especially if you buy your tobacco online; try visiting your local tobacco store for quality Al Fakher tobacco and other hookah and traditional tobacco blends.

Packing date

The fresher the tobacco, the better the taste. When buying any loose or packed tobacco, check the packing date. Assuming the packaged tobacco was fresh when it went into manufacturing, the later the packing date, the stickier, fresher, and more flavorful the tobacco. You don't want bland or dull tobacco, which can be largely avoided if you invest in styles that are aged well.


Price can indicate quality, especially in niche products like alcohol and tobacco. If you don't have a huge budget, go as high-end as you can with the money you do have. The investment you make in pricier tobacco will come back to you in a more refreshing smoke that isn't harsh or too spicy or dark.

Any tobacco store should allow you to inspect or even smell any loose tobacco they have available, within reason. Using the above information can help you not only choose quality tobacco, but look for new brands of tobacco online, in specialty stores, or even at your local smoke shop. Once you know what makes quality tobacco, you can look for the most-relied on brands for a fresh tobacco experience or explore on your own.

For more information, contact a tobacco supplier such as Lavoo Glass Hookah.